Alden & Harlow restaurant branding design by Oat Creative

Oat‘s brand identity design for Alden & Harlow is an ultra reserved style with little jabs of fun. The semi-stuffy look about the identity is disrupted by fun ball point pen style doodles – the kind one would find in textbooks. It’s a great way to inject that hand made feel without succumbing to trends.

PIe Society pizza restaurant and bar branding by Ampersand Agency

Ampersand Agency‘s work for Pie Society, a pizza restaurant and bar brand based in Austin, Texas, takes an illuminati meets rock and roll approach. The approach hits its stride with the t-shirt designs for the restaurant/bar that leverage pizza mnemonics with common secret society symbolism. The core logo is a simple, hand drawn interpretation of the […]

No Six Depot coffee and tea cafe branding by Perky Bros

I’ve had my eye on the Perky Bros portfolio for quite a bit. They have a lot of lovely work under their belts including this excellent identity for No. Six Depot roastery and cafe. The logo family is an excellent exercise in solid typography that allows other touch points to each have their own look […]

Verdulito cafe bakery branding by Perez Martinez Hugo

The design for Verdulito, a cafe/bakery in Valencia, Spain, is simple and clean. It communicates an experience representative of the food and atmosphere appropriately. The earthy color palette creates a superb backdrop for an identity and small interior accoutrements that use brighter colors to create pop. Excellent work by Perez Martinez Hugo  

Home of the Brave cafe restaurant branding by Jon Contino

You have to love Jon Contino‘s work. It’s a distinct style and he’s one of the guys who’s brought hand crafted type and illustration back to the forefront of design. In this project he flexes some pro-American imagery and more of his iconic style. Home of the Brave takes patriotic inspiration and runs with historic […]

Amado by Hyatt bakery branding by Anagrama

What can I say about Anagrama‘s work that hasn’t already been said? They truly are top notch and have found a way to maintain their level of design throughout every project. The brand identity design for Amado by Hyatt is their latest bomb of design awesomeness. Amado is a Mexican bakery and candy boutique launched […]

Baobao dimsum restaurant branding by Eszter Laki

Eszter Laki, a designer out of Budapest, takes an awesome approach to the brand identity design for Baobao. This dimsum restaurant could’ve gone many ways including the cliche route, but instead Laki uses traditional chinese elements as inspiration to deliver a more subdued, modern approach. From the interiors through the menus and other print elements, […]

High Street Bistro branding by SquadInk

The brand identity design for High St. Bistro is a simple combination of pen and ink illustration and simple design. It’s a tough rope to walk as it can be easily over done, but the layout design for each piece lets the illustration take front and center with just enough supporting elements to make it […]

Food photography beverage photography by Ben Yuster

I just had to share Ben Yuster‘s food photography work. It’s excellent from styling through execution. Great lighting. Great compositions. Nothing is overdone and he allows the food to speak.

Restaurant branding trends industry predictions 2015 by Joseph Szala of Vigor

Originally published at It’s official; Oxford Dictionary named “vape” the word of the year. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve noticed these newfangled apparatuses dangling from people’s mouths emitting puffs of what looks like smoke. Vaporizers and e-cigarettes are a rapidly growing trend for smokers trying to quit and nonsmokers looking to try […]

Bellezini italian food packaging design by Studio Chapeaux

Extending your product offering can be an excellent way to open new lines of business and revenue, but also push your restaurant’s brand beyond the standard dining experience. Think about it. Your products sitting on the counters of your customers serve a constant reminder of the goodness you offer. Bellezini is a brand of Italian […]

Yew Seafood restaurant and cafe branding by DNG Studio

Absolutely loving the all graphic approach to Yew Seafood’s brand identity. Starting with the logo design and moving through the marketing touch points, the team at DNG Studios crafts a great graphic language that’s a welcomed break from the over-Instagrammed photographic heroism.  

Hello Tomato restaurant branding by Tandem Create

First, Happy New Year everyone! Second, let’s look at some awesome restaurant brand identity designs. The identity for Hello Tomato was designed by Tandem Create. What’s making this work is the use of black/charcoal as a foundation for the typographic and graphic treatments. It makes everything pop a little more while maintaining a more upscale […]

Millennials in restaurants apptroverts article restaurant branding

Originally published over at my Medium account. Please share and recommend over there if you like what you read. You’ve seen them. You may even be one. They’re the people at the table whose faces are glowing from their smartphones almost completely disconnected from the world around them. While they may be disconnected from their […]

Octopus bar branding by Jille Natalino

Maybe I’m going through beach-deprivation, but I’m digging this brand identity design for Octopus bar by Jille Natalino. It’s fresh, new and memorable. Using the old-school circus photography to pull in that speakeasy feel. The messaging through the copy nails the speakeasy feel as well. Here’s what she says about the project: Many of the […]

The Gulf restaurant branding by BIG

I wish there were more to show with this restaurant’s brand identity, but this will have to do. Who doesn’t love an awesome trident in a brand? This short, but sweet identity was designed by BIG. In their words: The logo features Poseidon’s trident, one of the oldest and most universally recognized symbols of the […]

Che restaurant branding and design by Cast Iron Design

I just found the guys from Cast Iron Design today and are super impressed with their work and how they present it. One such project in their portfolio caught my eye: the branding for Che Cafe. The identity for this restaurant uses a color I happen to dig, but it’s not just my personal interests […]

Project Juice bar branding and package design by Chen Design Associates

I was pretty excited to see this work for Project Juice by Chen Design Associates. I’m always a fan of CDA’s melding of patterns and multiple type treatments to create a unique look that’s inherently “Chen.” The interiors leverage textures and light to create dramatic elements that communicate Project Juice’s brand vibe appropriately and effectively. […]

Las Flores restaurant branding by And A Half Studio

What’s interesting is when I first opened this project I thought it was going to be a super subdued, reserved identity. Based on the first two pictures it looks like Las Flores is going to take a classy, luxury look to the restaurant’s brand identity. However, as you scroll down the identity blooms beyond the […]

The Perfect Pint restaurant branding and bar by Serious Studio

I want to go here. I want to belly up to the bar and have myself a tasty, perfect pint. The design for The Perfect Pint is the epitome of hipster-esque design in use. Classic graphic treatments with simple typographic combinations over top reclaimed wood. Not that it’s a bad thing. Sometimes you gotta go […]