Ristorante Firenze restaurant branding by Sarah LeDonne

What really strikes me about this restaurant brand identity is that it bucks cliches found with most Italian restaurants. The logotype is elegant, classic and beautiful, much like the Italian language. The design touch points follow beautiful grids in the layout. Menu covers have gorgeous debossed leather textures. The illustrations are classic but leverage the soft […]

Chavez restaurant branding identity design by Foda Studio

Chavez isn’t like other restaurant brand identities. The team at Foda Studio didn’t create just a graphic language, they designed a whole new “alphabet” of glyphs. These glyphs create a statement about the brand and experience. The glyphs represent one of the each of the letters in Chavez. The studio describes the thinking, “Developed in […]

The 404 hotel and restaurant kitchen branding by Benji Peck

The simplicity and smart use of typography and white space is what really jumps out at me with this restaurant brand identity design by Benji Peck. The logo is clean, but naturally becomes distressed when applied with additional techniques like stamping. The overall identity adheres to design principles, but breaks the mold in all the […]

Maria Almenara bakery branding by Wallnut Studio

Excellent use of traditional patterns come into play for the brand identity of this bakery in Peru. The look of a cliche picnic blanket is rethought by using watercolor textures while other traditional patterns are hand drawn to bring in a feel of homemade craft. The colors are pastel and soft which makes this feel […]

Gran Luchito salsa package design by Midday

Okay, this will finish our week of reds and yellows. What started as a coincidence has now gone too far, but with good reason. Check out this excellent package design work for Gran Luchito by Midday. I know that the luchador can be a bit played out. It seems like every hipster Mexican joint has […]

Lake Street restaurant and bar branding by LMNOP

Another bright right and yellow brand, I promise this isn’t a theme for the week. The LMNOPeeps (get it?) pumped out this excellent brand identity design for Lake Street in Greenpoint, NY. I love the simplicity of the shape and how it bolsters the hand rendered typographic element of the restaurant’s logo design. The color […]

On The Wok restaurant branding and interior design by Oscar Bastidas

I found this restaurant brand identity design work from Oscar Bastidas yesterday and just fell in love. The color palette is rich and a bit heavy, but inherently Chinese in tone. Every piece of the brand’s identity was thought through making it interesting and diverse without it becoming too diluted or obtuse. I especially love […]

Cooklyn restaurant and bar branding by Aruliden

Cooklyn’s brand identity looks like the designers used every play in the hipster handbook of design. And, I’m torn. I know that the design style is on the tail-end of a trend and a bit self indulgent, but i can’t help but like it. I think the only justification for such blatant use of trendy […]

Jack and June restaurant and bar branding by Archrival

I absolutely love the typography design for this restaurant’s brand identity. The monogram version is even better than the full logo version. Swooping ascenders and descender create an interesting geometric feel. The interiors are unique without being too out there. Website is fresh and not a cookie cutter experience. Overall this is an excellent identity […]

Torrefacto coffee roasters branding and package design by Fork

The brand identity design for Torrefacto Coffee takes the idea of “branding” quite literally. The logo has been made into a branding iron that’s used to burn the mark into different materials giving a unique texture and color, while reinforcing the process and product of the company. “Torrefacto” a style of roasting beans. What better way to visually […]

Kingside restaurant bar branding by LMNOP

The creative studio LMNOP designed up this lovely identity for Kingside, a restaurant in New York City. There are a lot of classic style elements happening between the physical space design and the brand identity. This happens in often with NYC based restaurants. A lot seem to fall into the classic Art Deco influences like gold […]

Junction Moama restaurant branding by Seesaw

Fine art meshes with superb use of touch points in this brand identity for Junction Moama by Seesaw. The brand identity takes influence from the inspirational beauty found in the twin towns of Moama and Echuca. The beauty drew many folks to the area including artists which helped inspire the restaurant’s brand identity design. They explain […]

Cavalier bar and supper restaurant design by Matt Vergotis

Matt Vergotis is the skilled craftsman behind this amazing design. The handcrafted typography, custom designed pattern, and overall implementation speaks to a higher level of craft. This craft sets the tone of upscale and luxury. Not the kind of luxury that’s all blinged out, but true luxury that’s based on skill, talent and time. I’ll […]

Greenfield Natural Kitchen restaurant branding by Bolster Creative

The team at Bolster really did an excellent job designing the experience and brand for Greenfield Natural Kitchen. The logo is a graphical representation of earth meets fields; a witty way to communicate “green” and “natural.” The interiors are simple, clean and poignant with natural textures and elements allowed to speak for themselves without shoveling […]

GIN RAW gin branding by Series Nemo

I stumbled upon this gem last week and just had to share first thing. What an excellent package design for a gin brand! I love the natural citrusy feel of the colors and texture. The typography is clean and not overdone. Designed by Series Nemo in Barcelona

Alden & Harlow restaurant branding design by Oat Creative

Oat‘s brand identity design for Alden & Harlow is an ultra reserved style with little jabs of fun. The semi-stuffy look about the identity is disrupted by fun ball point pen style doodles – the kind one would find in textbooks. It’s a great way to inject that hand made feel without succumbing to trends.

PIe Society pizza restaurant and bar branding by Ampersand Agency

Ampersand Agency‘s work for Pie Society, a pizza restaurant and bar brand based in Austin, Texas, takes an illuminati meets rock and roll approach. The approach hits its stride with the t-shirt designs for the restaurant/bar that leverage pizza mnemonics with common secret society symbolism. The core logo is a simple, hand drawn interpretation of the […]

No Six Depot coffee and tea cafe branding by Perky Bros

I’ve had my eye on the Perky Bros portfolio for quite a bit. They have a lot of lovely work under their belts including this excellent identity for No. Six Depot roastery and cafe. The logo family is an excellent exercise in solid typography that allows other touch points to each have their own look […]

Verdulito cafe bakery branding by Perez Martinez Hugo

The design for Verdulito, a cafe/bakery in Valencia, Spain, is simple and clean. It communicates an experience representative of the food and atmosphere appropriately. The earthy color palette creates a superb backdrop for an identity and small interior accoutrements that use brighter colors to create pop. Excellent work by Perez Martinez Hugo  

Home of the Brave cafe restaurant branding by Jon Contino

You have to love Jon Contino‘s work. It’s a distinct style and he’s one of the guys who’s brought hand crafted type and illustration back to the forefront of design. In this project he flexes some pro-American imagery and more of his iconic style. Home of the Brave takes patriotic inspiration and runs with historic […]