LBJ Presidential invite design by Steve Hurley Design

Although this isn’t a restaurant brand, it is a superbly excellent piece of design for an invitation. Often times restaurants rush towards opening and opt for the mayoral ribbon cutting and a party as the opening event. What a missed opportunity. Real events create participation in the brand and the food experience. This invitation is […]

Stockfood attacks Grits X Grids!

I debated about even writing this, but I just received an official letter from Stockfood requiring me to pay $2040.00. That’s right, because I curate other people’s work and never thought to check to see if the stock photography used in that work was actually licensed, they feel/think it’s my duty to pay up. I […]

Mahlwerk cafe and deli branding by playground

Given the direction of “Simple and Honest”, the team at Playground ground up and brewed a confident brand fro Mahlwerk. The cafe and deli prides itself on completely handmade foods and delicious coffees. The identity for the cafe doesn’t use any tricks, or ploys to make a statement. It stands strong and iconoclastic with excellent […]

Cure restaurant and bar branding by Bae De Jesus

The simple black and white color palette pushes the textures found in the architecture and printed brand materials. Cure has a hipster-like style about it with that shabby-chic, urban decay vibe. The logo is simple, but gets the bar/booze point across quite literally. The other touch points build from its direction creating nods to old […]

Da Marina italian restaurant branding by Steves & Co

The team at Steves & Co designed up this fun italian restaurant brand. The simple, black and white color palette pops out with their illustrations and clean layouts. The series of posters create an awesome persona for the restaurant’s brand, and the supporting element help tie things together. The logo works well for the brand, but […]

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

– Henry Ford

Suegra restaurant branding by Mantra

The identity design for Suegra is thoroughly great. Using wood utensils as delivery mechanisms for key brand touch points adds a note of chef-driven feelings. The graphic treatments are fun and well executed. The hand drawn scribbles and illustrations add a touch of hand-made craft to the look. Excellent work by Mantra.

Tamarindo restaurant branding by La Tortilleria

This exploration of simple typography and strong planes of color brings a fresh, clean look to Tamarindo. Designed by La Tortilleria, the brand identity is confident and simple. It let’s textures and minimalism speak loudly. The use of color dips on packaging creates an unexpected interpretation of the graphic design element. Excellent work through and […]

Bolivar restaurant branding by Heydays studio

The designers at Heydays in Oslo, Norway created this lovely exploration of typography and color. The identity for Bolivar is completely inspired by South American culture and style. I love the way that although they change the dimensions of the type, they keep the thickness the same so it looks naturally resized. Excellent work.

Leitura Alimenta branding by Marcelo Rizerio

This bright, colorful brand identity and advertising work for a food supply service in Brazil. The bright lettering pops off dingy backgrounds with a fresh, modern flavor. Marco Rizerio, the designer explains the project in detail: In Brazil, companies must by law give their low-income employees a basket with basic foods able to sustain their […]

Kid Lessons by Dallas Clayton for Creative Mornings

I didn’t know whom Dallas Clayton was before watching his talk at Creative Mornings. I find myself watching his talk again and again. Not because of the man, but because of the message. Kid Lessons. Things that kids could teach us. At first sounds ridiculous, but one is quickly humbled by Dallas’ talk. There’s a […]

Onesto restaurant branding by Skinn Branding

Black and white and built on a story. That’s the brand identity design for Onesto in a nutshell. The ultra chic look created by the high contrast color palette is confident as it’s a mix of purity and strength. Their angle of “pizza with a story” really resonates as stories are usually missing from the […]

Restaurant brand identity and logo evolutions designs

Identity design can be an extremely subjective endeavor for any company. With the highly competitive nature of the industry, a restaurant’s identity can be a make or break decision. That’s why it’s important that design be rooted in objective facts. What’s the company’s mission, it’s attitude, it’s personality? These questions and more need to be not […]

Gronbech and Churchill restaurant branding by RePublic

Sometimes a typeface is so excellent there is no need to embellish it with graphic treatments. Only a slight, unexpected alteration is enough to send home a highend, upscale feel. That’s what’s happening with the brand identity for Gronbech & Churchill. The logotype is a visual representation in portraying the act of refining produce from […]

Hay Market Restaurant branding by Foreign Policy Design Group

What I’m really enjoying about this restaurant’s brand identity is the extent to which is has been thought through. The apparel for each area of service is so well done and designed. The uniforms match the interiors perfectly which marries to the typography and general look seamlessly. The only thing I’m not 100% on is […]


Yesterday I highlighted what I consider to be the worst restaurant chain logos in the US and the reasons why. Today I want to highlight the nation’s best restaurant chain logos and what makes them so great. Before hopping into the designs, it makes sense to review criteria. Design can be extremely subjective when in […]

This is NOT it. Horrible restaurant logo design

I’m always thinking of restaurant brands good and bad. There have been a number of them on my mind lately, and I can’t help but think they aren’t meeting their potential. Maybe it’s an incongruence between offering and visual communications, or it could simply be a matter of poor design principles all together. Either way […]