Millennials in restaurants apptroverts article restaurant branding

Originally published over at my Medium account. Please share and recommend over there if you like what you read. You’ve seen them. You may even be one. They’re the people at the table whose faces are glowing from their smartphones almost completely disconnected from the world around them. While they may be disconnected from their […]

Octopus bar branding by Jille Natalino

Maybe I’m going through beach-deprivation, but I’m digging this brand identity design for Octopus bar by Jille Natalino. It’s fresh, new and memorable. Using the old-school circus photography to pull in that speakeasy feel. The messaging through the copy nails the speakeasy feel as well. Here’s what she says about the project: Many of the […]

The Gulf restaurant branding by BIG

I wish there were more to show with this restaurant’s brand identity, but this will have to do. Who doesn’t love an awesome trident in a brand? This short, but sweet identity was designed by BIG. In their words: The logo features Poseidon’s trident, one of the oldest and most universally recognized symbols of the […]

Che restaurant branding and design by Cast Iron Design

I just found the guys from Cast Iron Design today and are super impressed with their work and how they present it. One such project in their portfolio caught my eye: the branding for Che Cafe. The identity for this restaurant uses a color I happen to dig, but it’s not just my personal interests […]

Project Juice bar branding and package design by Chen Design Associates

I was pretty excited to see this work for Project Juice by Chen Design Associates. I’m always a fan of CDA’s melding of patterns and multiple type treatments to create a unique look that’s inherently “Chen.” The interiors leverage textures and light to create dramatic elements that communicate Project Juice’s brand vibe appropriately and effectively. […]

Las Flores restaurant branding by And A Half Studio

What’s interesting is when I first opened this project I thought it was going to be a super subdued, reserved identity. Based on the first two pictures it looks like Las Flores is going to take a classy, luxury look to the restaurant’s brand identity. However, as you scroll down the identity blooms beyond the […]

The Perfect Pint restaurant branding and bar by Serious Studio

I want to go here. I want to belly up to the bar and have myself a tasty, perfect pint. The design for The Perfect Pint is the epitome of hipster-esque design in use. Classic graphic treatments with simple typographic combinations over top reclaimed wood. Not that it’s a bad thing. Sometimes you gotta go […]

Nando's hot sauce advertisement design by Mika Tay

It isn’t very often that I post strictly advertising design work, because usually advertisements for restaurants are too salesy and promotion-based. There’s rarely much innovation in restaurant advertising. It’s due to the common irrational need to see immediate sales results directly linked to a campaign. Traditional advertising is successful at fueling awareness, but it takes […]

Melt pizza restaurant branding by Can I Play

A lot of times the pizza world defaults to the expected red, green and white color palette with script typographical treatments. It’s safe. It’s a go-to. Melt bucks this trend completely. The team at Can I Play (Australia) created a fresher brand identity for their up and coming pizza client. Their take includes nods to […]

Las Naciones restaurant branding by Firmalt

The color for Las Naciones is amazingly distinctive and memorable. It pops off every piece of this restaurant’s brand arsenal. The restaurant’s brand identity is diverse, but uses color and graphic treatments to create a visual glue. This is how the team at Firmalt, out of Mexico, describes the brand: Inspired by how Las Naciones creates […]

Streetz American Grill restaurant branding by Cue

Taking it to the streets with a gritty visual language and excellent, retro-esque design elements. The brand team at Cue really nails the execution on this restaurant’s brand identity. The pseudo screenprinting overlay effects bring the identity down to street style, while simply tyopgraphic layout ensures menus are still readable. The signage is an excellent […]

Mediterranean Greek Kitchen restaurant branding by Giorgios Stathopoulos

Giorgios Stathopoulos’ design work for the Mediterranean Greek Kitchen restaurant is a simple, classic take on brand identity. A stylized olive tree serves as a defining mark encapsulated by a circular device that holds the composition together nicely. The type selection is perfect with a subtle slab serif and strong letter forms. The use of […]

Ker Cucas cafe restaurant branding by Bigode Ideias in Brazil

Bigode Ideias (Brazil) is the designer behind this excellent cafe, restaurant branding work. The bright, heavy orange color serves as an excellent base for the typography-based identity language. Although the stacked type as a pattern device has been used quite frequently (I’m guilty myself), they really pull it off nicely in this set of elements. […]

Seattle Cider Company branding and package design by DEI

Craft beer is exploding across the nation and right behind it is the cider industry. More and more people are getting into drinking hard ciders (I’m not a fan). Seattle Cider Company is one of the latest to attempt to satiate America’s thirst. The overarching brand identity is an exercise in simplicity. Using minimal graphic […]

Palem cafe branding and design by Adrian Gozali

The restaurant brand identity design for Palem is thoroughly thought through; even down to the number tag design. It’s a mix of hand crafted illustrations, artful photography and simple, but strong, typographical treatments. The way the semi-burnt wood is introduced as a texture is a bit expected, but well done. Carrying that texture through other, unexpected […]

Lantiquari tapas restaurant branding by Rachel Sender

Rachel Sender‘s restaurant branding work for L’antiquari is not my personal style, but that doesn’t exclude it from excellence by any means. The design thinking is fresh, new and memorable. With pops of woodcut-meets-stamped illustrations in primary colors as the defining characteristic, Sender sets up ways to break convention in simple typography layouts. The illustrations unite […]

Cafe cuba restaurant branding interior design by steves and co

Cafe Cuba takes the visitor back to a small town in classic Cuba with that mom and pop feel of service. The identity is simple and humble which matches the interior design perfectly. I like a rustic textures of the woods and walls used throughout the space. Here is what Steves & Co say about […]

Epicurean hotel and restaurant branding by Spark

It’s rare that I come across a brand identity package for a restaurant that includes their brand book. It’s such a gem when I do. The team at Spark designed this extensive brand identity for the hotel Epicurean, a boutique hotel focused on foodies. Their heavily typographical approach interlocks with a strong, vibrant color palette […]