Hard Rock Ibiza Sublimotion responsive projection experience

The extent of luxury pushes further with Hard Rock Ibiza’s new endeavor. I discovered this crazy experiment over at PSFK. The experience involves a responsive projection with which diners will interact and engage. The twelve person dining experience comes from the mind of Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero and will open at the Hard Rock Hotel […]

If they give you lined paper, write the other way.

- William Carlos Williams

Upland brewing company rebranding branding beer

The team at Young & Laramore endeavored to rebrand the Upland Brewing Company with a fresh new look spanning from brand logo to tap handles and more. The new look is an exercise in hand crafted goodness with excellent illustrations accompanied by hand drawn typography. A unique color palette sets each beer category apart from […]

Dip truck food truck branding

The boys at CODO had a dream. A dream of a truck that served food… but not food, more like food’s super sexy clothing: dip. From honey bacon ranch dip to cucumber lime ranch, this food truck has the dip you desire. The brand identity package for this food truck is small for now, but […]

Branding and design inspiration websites

As a designer, I’m always looking for the newest work out there for inspiration and maybe a bit of envy. Our world is so full of superb designers with new ideas and fresh thinking. Where do I find myself going on the daily for fresh, new branding inspiration? Well here’s a short list of some […]

Munchery food service package design and branding

Kelli Anderson‘s restaurant brand packaging design pulls influence from the combination of patterns and iconography. It’s simple, modern typography and fun color palette creates a memorable design aesthetic that’s sure to jump out in the food service industry. Munchery is a dinner service where local chefs provide dinners for diners, they also donate a dinner […]


The things that really jump out at me about Mr. Grill restaurant’s brand is the many differing layers of texture, imagery, and colors. Estudio Yeye sets a tone of rustic and rough, without being cliche. The use of retro imagery placed overtop of rough textured colors creates a sort of cowboy feel while setting a […]

Little Cleo's Seafood Restaurant Branding

Although the illustration for Little Cleo’s logo is intricate, it sets a tone for a fun, mythological vibe. Riddled with fun sayings and illustrations, Whisky Design‘s brand identity work really sets a new tone set aside from the other seafood restaurants out there. It’s fun, vibrant and different.

Ol Boy Blues bar and grille branding

Farm Design comes with some great design chops on the branding for Ol Boy Blues, an old school type of bar and grille experience. The use of wood textures and tobacco-like color schemes gives this a down home, comfortable feel. Bluesy, smokey, fun bar experience.

Ice Cream Lab ice cream shop branding

Mad scientists meets delicious desserts in this brand identity package for Ice Cream Lab. Designed by Ken Lo, the identity is an exercise in custom illustrations that have a sort of Rube Goldberg mixed with modernism style. The cool color palette screams for ice cream, while the attention to detail on everything from the equipment […]

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

- Steve Jobs

JJs Red Hots restaurant branding

Designer Matt Stevens had his fun with JJ’s Red Hots, a hot dog destination with an awesome image. Every part of the brand has been thought through from simple takeout signage through menus, exteriors, and even promotions. The quaint, but fun restaurant exterior and interior is inviting without being pretentious which is conveyed excellently via […]

timthumb (3)

I stumbled across this lovely identity for a fast casual salad restaurant in the latest Print magazine. Designed by Lizzy Showman, the brand identity for Evergreens is simple in it’s delivery, yet poignant in its representation of food and offering. I love the use of different hues of green and how she stayed away from […]

Mexout Restaurant Branding

The hand drawn typography and illustration movement seems to be going strong throughout many industries, but the restaurant industry seems to be eating it up. The brand identity design for the restaurant Mexout, by Bravo Company, runs with thisĀ  style to create a unique, down-to-earth identity for this Mexican experience.

Fogata Restaurant Branding

Estudio Yeye, out of Mexico, has designed up the lovely brand for this full service restaurant and bar. The typography is simple, but accentuated with heraldry, illustrations and textures. “La Fogata” means bonfire in Spanish, which gives forth a lot of imagery to leverage in the design.    

Cheeky Buns restaurant branding

Hand drawn typography and illustrations take the front and center on this branding for a Taiwanese food hawker by Holly Van Maanen.

Bar Americain restaurant branding

Pentagram’s work for Bar Americain is a study in classic, art deco style typography, simple structural layouts, and a semi-modern twist to give a fresh angle. The type is simple, but treated with layers of colored borders giving it texture and a bit of life. The deep hued color palette translates well into other applications, […]

Queen Burger restaurant branding

Queen Burger is black and white, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Using different textures and materials, the interiors are actually quite impressive. The use of intelligent lighting schemes also helps add drama to this burger joint’s interior. The logo is simple in its delivery. A burger is adorned neatly with a crown […]

Sandys Beach Grill branding by Wall to Wall

It’s always awesome to see a rebrand that’s successful in it’s efforts. A lot of times things get watered down, or a project doesn’t go as far as it could because the ownership is tied to the past. The rebranding effort for Sandy’s Beach Grill is on point. Designed by Scott Naauao of Wall to […]

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery