The River restaurant branding by Laura Pol

This extensive brand for The River restaurant was designed by Laura Pol. Simple typography mix with excellent textures created by illustrations and actual materials to create a nautical style look. The brand identity extends throughout many touch points pulling in the gold ink illustrations and solid typographical layouts. The simple navy blue and gold color […]

Epleslang packaging design by Dinamo Design

I had to post this design for a soft drink. It’s so excellent because of the unexpected elements working together to create a fresh experience. Sure, the actual bottle art is simple one color screen printed, but the wrapper adds another dynamic that allows for more space to tell a story. Great work by Dinamo […]

Daily Press coffee shop branding by Matthew Delbridge

Beautiful hand rendered typography meets stellar line work in the style of Art Deco. The brand identity kit for Daily Press Coffee is a thorough exploration of art deco accoutrements mixed with some new, modern flavors. What’s beautiful is how the coffee shop has many different deliveries of their core logo, but they all work […]

Hanson of Sonoma vodka package design by Stranger and Stranger

I know this isn’t a restaurant brand, but I couldn’t resist posting the lovely work for Hanson of Sonoma by Stranger & Stranger. I found this beauty over at Mr-CUP’s blog. The classic typographical treatments are just amazing. The use of colors to depict flavors are an excellent visual cue. Just… let it sink in. […]

Kigo Kitchen restaurant branding by Creature Design

Kigo’s brand identity is a melding of disconstructed typography and texture with clean line illustrations. The designers at Creature Design break the grid completely and only adhere to their own rules which makes it unique, interesting and memorable. The restaurant’s brand is primarily driven by black and white, but there are pops of colors here […]

Paseo Colon cafe restaurant branding and interior design by Infinito

This multi-format cafe covers a number of day parts and has a look that’s simple and refreshing. By combining old style photography and graphic treatments with new, invigorating color treatments the team at Infinito (designed behind Don Belisario and Coffee Box) breathed life into what could’ve been a same-old style design. I especially love the fold out […]

GCDC grilled cheese bar branding by Seth Design Group

I’ve been waiting for this one to officially launch as Seth Design Group did a great job of teasing for the last few months. Finally, GCDC – Grilled Cheese Bar has launched and the branding is on point. Driven by excellent graphic and typographic design with a limited, but strong color palette, GCDC looks fresh […]

Europa Cafe restaurant branding by ADL

ADL‘s branding work for Europa Café is an exploration of vibrant colors, illustration and strong typography. Infusing illustration into design can be tricky at times. Usually it looks forced unless typography is hand draw. However, ADL does a great job of infusing the watercolor elements into the brand identity. It creates a fun, approachable vibe. […]

Steer & Beer restaurant and bar branding by Inject Design

Love this ultra farmhouse inspired restaurant design. From the interiors, architecture, signage and through the brand identity this restaurant is on point. The textures of the distressed wood and clever use of cowhide create a fresh take on what could be an old cliche styled restaurant experience. The brand identity is simplified naturally into a […]

New Olive Garden Logo

Today NRN announced the new brand identity for Olive Garden has been integrated along with new interiors in two concept locations in Florida. I held off on chiming in on the new Olive Garden brand overhaul back in March because I knew it’d get lost in the clutter of knee-jerk criticism that riddled the interwebs. […]

All You Can Eat Appetizers at TGI Friday is a bad promotion for the restaurant

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking with Alexander Kaufman from the Huffington Post about TGI Friday’s new promotion (AYCE Appetizers for $10) and the ramifications of it on their brand. You can check out the article here. The article covers a lot of my opinions which were naturally shared by other restaurant experts, but […]

Four Frogs Creperie branding by National Grid

Although there isn’t much to show, the brand identity for Four Frogs Creperie is worth covering. The identity for this restaurant is spearheaded by a simple type treatment enclosed with geometric flourishes. The type is a combination of traditional serif supported by a notoriously sexy Art Deco typeface. The color palette is limited to black, […]

Quality Chop Shop butcher restaurant branding interior design by Fraher Architects

Found this gem on Dezeen. Definitely worth sharing as you get to see some of the concepting, floorplans and elevations which is a part of the design process a lot of people never get to experience. This London butcher shop pulls influence from packing materials used to ship food products and infused it throughout the […]

Temporada Cafe branding by Andrew Darragh

The brand identity for Temporada, a cafe in Australia, leverages a mix of pen and ink illustration with a pop of red color to create a strong, semi-minimalist look. The logo is two fold with a circular and a zany type treatment option for use on the touch points. They’re each applied with a rubber […]

Roast BBQ restaurant branding by American Design Language ADL

I’m going to start this off with a request: Stop using Thirsty Script for everything people. It’s a great font that’s unbelievably overused, and it’s losing its effect. With that said, the team at American Design Language/ADL use it excellently for Roast, a BBQ concept in New York. The identity melds a free flowing feel with nods […]

Coffee Box branding by infinito

The identity for Coffee Box is especially interesting because it displays how to properly think through a logo design for a restaurant. It’s not about just one application and then you’re done. Coffee Box’s logo has variations for limited color palette, as seen on the coffee cup wrap, as well as a more three dimensional […]