Kid Lessons by Dallas Clayton for Creative Mornings

I didn’t know whom Dallas Clayton was before watching his talk at Creative Mornings. I find myself watching his talk again and again. Not because of the man, but because of the message. Kid Lessons. Things that kids could teach us. At first sounds ridiculous, but one is quickly humbled by Dallas’ talk. There’s a […]

Onesto restaurant branding by Skinn Branding

Black and white and built on a story. That’s the brand identity design for Onesto in a nutshell. The ultra chic look created by the high contrast color palette is confident as it’s a mix of purity and strength. Their angle of “pizza with a story” really resonates as stories are usually missing from the […]

Restaurant brand identity and logo evolutions designs

Identity design can be an extremely subjective endeavor for any company. With the highly competitive nature of the industry, a restaurant’s identity can be a make or break decision. That’s why it’s important that design be rooted in objective facts. What’s the company’s mission, it’s attitude, it’s personality? These questions and more need to be not […]

Gronbech and Churchill restaurant branding by RePublic

Sometimes a typeface is so excellent there is no need to embellish it with graphic treatments. Only a slight, unexpected alteration is enough to send home a highend, upscale feel. That’s what’s happening with the brand identity for Gronbech & Churchill. The logotype is a visual representation in portraying the act of refining produce from […]

Hay Market Restaurant branding by Foreign Policy Design Group

What I’m really enjoying about this restaurant’s brand identity is the extent to which is has been thought through. The apparel for each area of service is so well done and designed. The uniforms match the interiors perfectly which marries to the typography and general look seamlessly. The only thing I’m not 100% on is […]


Yesterday I highlighted what I consider to be the worst restaurant chain logos in the US and the reasons why. Today I want to highlight the nation’s best restaurant chain logos and what makes them so great. Before hopping into the designs, it makes sense to review criteria. Design can be extremely subjective when in […]

This is NOT it. Horrible restaurant logo design

I’m always thinking of restaurant brands good and bad. There have been a number of them on my mind lately, and I can’t help but think they aren’t meeting their potential. Maybe it’s an incongruence between offering and visual communications, or it could simply be a matter of poor design principles all together. Either way […]

Gawatt coffee shop branding by Backbone

Gawatt’s brand identity is pushed by hand drawn illustrations and excellent use of typography. The many textures play well to make a rustic feel throughout the interiors, identity and packaging touch points. It creates a steampunk style vibe without being to kitschy or theme-like. Designed by Backbone.

Arby's restaurant branding roast beef article

Let me start off by saying that I have no beef with Arby’s. I love the original roast beef sandwiches, and their other offers are pretty good, too. However, over the past few years this fast food chain has fought with an identity crisis compounded by an acute case of multiple personality disorder. Recently, Arby’s, the […]

Baldoria bar branding by another collective

I’m finally back from vacation! Let’s jump into some tasty restaurant branding! The design for Baldoria’s brand can be summed up with two words: Shifted Type. The logo uses a hand rendered, semi-angular treatment with a simple sans-serif descriptor line. Beyond that, the rest of the brand uses shifted typography to create an excellent, unique […]

Buzina food truck advertising design by JWT Brazil

I hesitated to post this work. Although quite excellent I think it’s a bit unfair to set the bar this high. Buzina is a food truck in Brazil and the work was done by JWT Brazil. For those that don’t know, JWT is a huge global agency. With that size comes overhead and the prices […]

Auberge Handfield cafe branding by Carolane Godbout

A soft bluish color is the foundation of this excellently designed brand identity for Auberge Handfield. Using strong grid layouts and superb typographical selection the designers, Carolane Godbout and Catherine Marois, pull together an authentic, genuine look and feel for this cafe. I especially love the heavy grid use in the packaging which makes it look […]

Open Oven Pizza Company branding by Toast Design

The design for the Open Oven Pizza Company is centered on playing with food. The brand mark is a splattered circle of sauces where the typography has fun with different treatments of the letterforms. The use of the expected red, green, white combo is made fresh with variations of the pure Italian colors. Great work […]

The Perfectionist Cafe branding by Seymour Powell

The brand identity for Heston Blumenthol’s The Perfectionist Café has quite the signage designed by Seymour Powell. It’s animated and when we say “animated” we MEAN it. The video below shows the awesome exterior sign in full motion. “Partnering with Rob proved to be an invaluable decision. We collaborated together to develop The Clockwork Knife, […]

Munch cafe and restaurant branding by Hazel Chong

The brand identity for the cafe, Munch, is driven by heavy use of typography. Although I’m not usually a big fan of Helvetica (everyone uses it), the designer, Hazel Chong, executes an excellent design using it. The logo is simple typography with a mnemonic device in the place of the ‘U’ form. The U-shaped coffee […]

TGI Fridays' new promotion is a failure

This is a repost of my article found on LinkedIn. I felt it relevant to the readership here. Enjoy. Yesterday I had the honor of speaking with Alexander Kaufman from the Huffington Post about TGI Friday’s new promotion (AYCE Appetizers for $10) and the ramifications of it on their brand. You can check out the article here. The […]

La Brusketta restaurant branding by Tux and Gill

This sexy, chic restaurant brand is confident in its use of design and color. Muted colors mix with vast, stark planes of color where lighting is allowed to create texture throughout the space. The logo’s key graphic is used quite intelligently as an interior accoutrement. Designed by Tux & Gill.