This Infograph gives Social Media skeptics a better grasp on the processes taken and how the word of mouth can be spread throughout the internet using many different social networks. Social media is effective every time so long as you care about your consumers and provide the customer service they search for.

eMarketer just posted some great stats showing plans to grow small business with social media’s proliferation. “36% of small businesses look to step up with Twitter and Facebook Small businesses are confident about their ability to weather the recession, with more than one-half saying they have either fully recovered or will do so by the […]


Social media has been an increasingly effective part in the marketing strategies of many big and local businesses. The main question when Foursquare came around with their innovative geolocation sharing network was; How do we use this to benefit our brand or business? But the Foursquare team has added a few cool features with their network, bringing the game focus to the site, while continuing to build on their own marketing and professional relationships. Today we have some unique ways in which Foursquare has become an effective business marketing tool for more. Read More

We’ve all heard how awesome Twitter is, but there is always that initial question when getting started; how do I get people to follow me? Well thankfully Twitter offers some original and new features that can direct users in the right way to joining the discussions they’re interested in.

With Twitter trends users can search a specific topic to see which people are tweeting about what. Simply type a topic in the search bar on the right panel. You will then be directed to all the people who’ve mentioned that topic within a tweet, updated in real-time. Connect with these other users by responding to their tweets with worthwhile information from your area of expertise.

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Facebook for restaurants

So we all agree Facebook is as necessary as a website if you’re going to make any kind of traction with online marketing, right? Good. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk about some ways NOT to use Facebook for your business.

Facebook has given businesses a way to connect directly to consumers on the consumers’ terms. It’s the epitome of why online marketing works. Facebook’s tools give businesses a way to engage them, bring them in and let them experience their brands. However, they can be used negatively without the restaurant or brand even knowing. Obviously this is detrimental as abusing a consumer’s acceptance of you will result in ejection and a bad reputation to their friends. Not good. So, let’s stave off some common pratfalls by other brands….

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Banning usage may not be best choice Many IT professionals are down on social media usage in the workplace, both because they believe it hinders productivity and might compromise security. As companies adopt usage policies, employees continue to check out Facebook and other potentially forbidden sites. According to a survey by security solutions provider nCircle, […]

Socail Media can be quite confusing coming from different markets, leaving many businesses confused on how to develop their online marketing campaigns. The main question always tends to be this; Which online networks do I utilize first to gain effective results? At Vigor, the we answer this dilemma with three simple words: ALL OF THEM!

Want to really customize your company or band’s fan page? With the use of the FBML (Facebook Markup Language) application you open a new window of possibilities for sharing your information. Build fully customizable pages where users can interact with your companies site right from Facebook. Don’t force people in a certain direction; be where they already are.

Linkedin has been an increasingly successful business network of over 65 million users, connecting them to exchange information, ideas, and potential business opportunities. This network allows users to connect with other professionals within three degrees of separation (a friends, friends, friend). This gives those who don’t know you the ability to see some of your posts, activity, or ask you questions.

Every business should be engaging in some form of email marketing or another. Whether frequent or infrequent, staying in front of your customers is marketing 101. There are hundreds of email marketing service providers out there and that can be overwhelming. Who do you use? What’s a good deal? What features should they provide? Let’s dig a little deeper as we outline what the right ESP is for your restaurant and/or company.

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We are, obviously, approached constantly by potential clients looking to build their business. One thing we come across frequently is the notion that one or two things will create the desired effect. It’s hard to change people’s minds when they are dead set on a belief, but I have to wonder where this notion is derived. Read More

One of the things we’ve run across through our interactive branding and marketing experiences is the “just get it done” or “make it look nice” attitudes some clients seem to have. To be honest, we’ve had the same attitude towards other services as well. Good enough can be okay when talking about certain things as long as one has a firm grasp on what to expect with regard to results. Good enough will yield mediocre results at best and minimal results most of the time.

So, why shoot for good enough when “great” is just around the bend?

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Vigor’s proud to announce some new updates to the Datum Storage Systems website. First we reconstructed the home page to funnel visitors to the appropriate sections. Whether it be a new dealer locator, or highlighted announcements in the flash display area, now visitors can get around a lot easier. NEW ADDITIONS – New, optimized home […]


Here at Vigor, we’ve never taken a stance politically with our work. It seems politics and religion are just way to touchy and subjective for our tastes. However, here in Harrisburg we have a real race going on for the Mayoral seat. An incumbent is on the way out the door, but not without a fight. Another candidate has contributed to the negative state of the city in more ways than we can count. We believe in change and therefore felt the need to not only speak up, but actively help out the campaign. So, we officially launched the website for Harrisburg’s mayoral candidate, Nevin Mindlin. This is our first political website and probably our last for a long time. We also have no plans to take on religion-based initiatives. Read More

Joseph Szala, principal of Vigor, is featured in this week’s Central Penn Business Journal in an exposé on entrepreneurs under 30. Check it out here: Central Penn Business Journal

If there are any doubts about social media’s permeation into everyday life, or if anyone doubts its reach, power and effect on brands, well, this video is for you.

After months of design and development we finally launched the website for central, PA’s sport bar gods, Aroogas! The site features a robust content management system, VIM, with modules spanning ecommerce, blog, events listings and so much more. Check out the site at

Interactivity is based in interaction. I think a lot of us forget what it means when we use it day to day to describe our services or our everyday life. Interactivity is meant to stimulate and engage. It’s meant to cause action. This action could be a purchase, showing up at an event, or it […]

A lot of new and emerging medias seem to perplex local businesses who’s reach doesn’t span more than a 50 mile radius. A lot of the time it seems like these types of media are out of reach and too expensive. Unlike other medias of old, like TV and Radio, newer medias were built on the local business, small geographical targetting mind frame and budget. Mobile marketing IS in your reach and it IS effective. Here are some tips for using it in your campaigns. Read More

One thing this world creates naturally is competition. It’s natural and healthy albeit scary and stressful. At first glance, who wants competition? You’d love to own it all, right? Well, that’s just not going to happen, and that is okay. One of the hardest habits to break is to try to take everything for yourself in business. Not only is it poor practice in life, it’s even poorer practice in business. Competition creates awareness and awareness creates patronage. Patrons can be broken into their own unique interest groups and therein lies the framework for branding. Read More