After months of design and development we finally launched the website for central, PA’s sport bar gods, Aroogas! The site features a robust content management system, VIM, with modules spanning ecommerce, blog, events listings and so much more. Check out the site at

Website content management systems have grown from a luxury often used by only large corporations into a necessity that is borderling irresponsible NOT to have on a company’s website. Being able to manage one’s own content reduces the amount of money needed to keep information fresh and up-to-date. Fresh information spawns continued readership, repeat visitors, new vistors, higher search results and inevitably…new business.

Despite the need for content management, a lot of misconceptions have arisen over the years with regard to what can and cannot be done (not to mention how much it should cost.) So, we’ve decided to shed some light on the facts surrounding content management systems. Whether you are using an opensource God like WordPress, or using a proprietary system like Vigor’s VIM, the following hold true. Read More